Lockdown Pointless, Germs are your Friends

A few days ago, I heard this Swedish doctor on the radio talking about why lockdown is unnecessary. I was a bit shocked, given that the radio station is pretty pro-establishment. There are public service announcements and adverts reminding the public that we have to be obedient, wear masks, practice social distancing and bend over and take it in the arse.

The doctor is Johan Giesecke, an epidemiologist who specializes in infections diseases, was the head of epidemiology in Sweden and served some time in the World Health Organization. All this information raises red flags, considering that the WHO is a questionable organization with a dicey track record. WHO has connections with Bill Gates. Before we go down that rabbit hole, what Giesecke said was clear that social distancing and global lockdown is useless because it is not a solution, it delays the inevitable.

Here is an interview he did with RNZ explaining why lockdowns are the wrong approach.

Audio: Sunday Morning interview with Johan Giesecke

This flu known as Corona Virus is like other flues. It’s never going to go away. Humans are going to have to learn how to live side by side with it, like that neighbor you can’t stand but have to wave and smile every time you take the rubbish bin out to the curb.

He also said that it will be years before an antibiotic is developed. It’s better to just get the thing and build immunity to it. Yes, some people will probably die. But the survival rate is over 99%. And locking yourself up in your house washing your hands every ten minutes is just going to lower your immunity.

Which leads me to George Carlin. I can’t believe they haven’t taken this video off of Youtube yet. In 1999, Carlin did a whole bit about germs and the immune system. Comedy is the thinking man’s art form.

I died for you mutherfuckers!

As my partner said yesterday whilst we were out in the city centre, ‘the only way you’re going to be safe, is if you die.’

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