Lockdown roulette

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‘You didn’t believe it from the beginning,’ my partner says to me.

It’s not that I don’t believe the ‘virus’ is real. Oh, yeah baby it’s real. But it’s no more dangerous than driving a car. In 2019, 38,800 people died in car accidents in the US alone. And a few months ago, a friend of mine lost his brother and sister-in-law in a car wreck, their two kids were in intensive care for a month. I don’t know anyone who has died of Covid-19, or know anyone who knows someone who died of it.

In the country I live in, they implemented another lockdown they are calling ‘Phase 3.’ Restaurants have to shut. No more visiting friends or family. Back to travel restrictions.

Reason. No reason.

What is the justification? The positive cases are going up. But more people are being tested. Who is being tested? Because of GDPR, we aren’t allowed to know the names. But it’s irresponsible that we are not given a breakdown of statistics. How old are these people? Do they have any underlying illnesses? Are they just random people sitting around in their homes, or are they people in hospitals?

But you know what? None of that matters because these past few months, the government has reported less than 10 deaths. Probably around five or six real Covid-related deaths. But they are scaring the numb with ‘the cases are going up’ narrative.

But in the thinking rational mind, this is a good thing. If we get it, and the chances are less than one percent of one percent that we’ll die, then let’s get it! Let’s build an immunity to it. That way we won’t even have to take the mercury-laced vaccine.

You’re selfish

Whatever devil-worshiping Illuminati baby eating secret society orchestrated this, well, I hate you, but I have to say, I am doing the slow clap. If I were an evil bastard, this is probably exactly what I’d do.

What exactly did they do? As a former journalist, I was privy to information and was fortunate to know people. A doctor who worked in a very prominent hospital in the Northeast US blatantly quit his job. He said the medical field is too political when you work in an institution like that. You either play ball or you’re out. He had the nerve to be interested in healing, not numbers or politics. He quit. He’s off the grid. I can’t even contact him.

But the truth is, most of these ‘experts’ and politicians have no idea what is going on or the master plan is. They take orders. The ones who take orders are the ones who thrive. The rest of us have to settle for blogging in the dark.

Here is what they did. They, with a capital ‘T’ I should say. They released this China virus, not contracted from an animal, but created in a lab. And as much as I hate giving credit to FOX News, here is an interesting interview Tucker Carleson did with a whistleblower who has been studying the virus.

The virus is released. It starts to spread. Because all of the sudden we listen to China, the world shuts down in order to control the spread. We are good little boys and girls for three months. Then what?

  • In June, the world governments decide it’s okay to open up again.
  • We get happy for a while and begin to relax.
  • In early August, governments start to implement restrictions and require masks when indoors.
  • Also in August, some places are locked down again because of alleged spikes in cases.
  • In September, murmurings of more lockdown.

Then they started in on this narrative. If you don’t wear a mask and comply, you are a selfish bastard and deserve to dig the graves of the ones who died of the rona. Yup, they actually made people who questioned the government do this in India, a nation, btw, that has another virus known as poverty.

Brother against sister

I live in a country that, for the most part, is united. They have seen some shit in the past 800 years up until the 90s. It has taken decades to heal. But they came out strong.

The powers that be are dividing brother and sister. Masks. No masks. Little old ladies calling the cops because they suspect someone is having a house party. Pubs not being allowed to open. This is all they are doing to make us angry and put us against each other. The Devil pushes a button and sits back to watch us destroy our cities and neighborhoods.

Uh, yeah, Covid Cop, there are like seven people at Nana’s house. No, they are from four different households.

And then we realize that other countries are not being restricted. We are locked up in our cage some countries are allowed to go back to work and move around. I have a few friends who are living the high life vacationing on sandy beaches. I haven’t seen my kid since March.

Depression is the only answer

They are breaking us. I read the comments on Twitter and in news stories, I can’t believe what I’m reading. People are so compliant. They don’t question anything. I’m not telling you to believe me or agree with me. All I ask citizens is to research. Ask questions. Because if we don’t, we could see a world where we’re being hauled off into Covid camps, our freedoms restricted, our children committing suicide because this is not a life….it’s a prison. You’re living in a prison.

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