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Online radio is an Internet audio broadcasting technology that works using digital signals rather than analog audio signals. Internet radio is a form of live music entertainment delivered over the Internet using computer networks. It has dramatically increased in popularity over the past few years. The Internet has become a great source of entertainment for people all over the world. For many people, especially the younger generation, using the Internet to listen to online radio can be a great alternative to pay television. Internet radio has a diverse range of benefits and features that make it appealing to audiences of all age groups.

Webcast is delivered over the Internet using a computer, laptop, smartphone, or other device that can access the Internet. Web casting is very similar to streaming radio except that the signal is broadcast directly to a personal computer or other device connected to the Internet. Internet radio is also known by various names Webcasting, rebroadcasting, podcasting, online radio streams, and other related terms. Broadband internet connection is required to receive web radio streams. Streaming radio is typically delivered over broadband connections.

Thousands of Internet radio stations are available on the Internet, ranging from purely contemporary programs to cultural and educational programs. To find the right webcast, it's important to rate each radio station based on its genre, channel selection, audio quality, and other technical details. Most free online radio stations provide a list of current and past programming and you should carefully review these listings. Some of these websites even allow users to rate and comment on current radio shows.

There are many ways to listen to radio online. Users can choose to listen to free online radio stations through live webcasts, web pages with listed radio stations, syndicated radio shows, user personal web pages, internet radio apps and more. 'other websites offering online radio. Some websites offer listeners a chance to listen to online radio for free through listening contests or competitions.

Listen to online radio through social media. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn have become useful platforms for sharing personal information, business information and more with millions of users around the world. A simple Google search for radio or radio stations will bring users the results of websites where they can listen to radio online. Users can simply report these websites as well so that they can quickly find the right website to listen to their favorite radio station.

In addition to listening to online radio through personal computers, laptops, smartphones and other webcams, online radio headphones also have the ability to connect local radio stations through downloadable software. These software are available for download from the Internet and contain easy to use buttons to allow users to access radio stations by genre, region and / or frequency. When using the software, listeners select the button for the song, artist, or other information they want to hear. From this point, listeners can play the song, listen to the broadcast radio, and take note of the words or lingo used in the broadcast. The software is also ideal for hearing concerts and live events.