The Stedman story

I hesitate to write this post. However, everything written here is my first-hand experience. The reason I hesitate is because it deals with an extremely high profile person’s partner. I will only use her name once.

A little background

In 2002, I worked as a student journalist for a Catholic university newspaper in South Texas. Again, I hesitate to name the university and city, but if you do a little digging, you will find an article in the Business Journal for that year. It was my last year in college, but I, and my fellow student journalists, were green about the level of depravity and corruption embedded in politic, entertainment, business and the global leaders we sometimes called ‘heroes’.

Leadership conference

You should experience a gag reflex every time you hear someone say they’re going to a ‘leadership conference’

It was an era of conferences, especially after 9/11. The leaders of the world impaled wisdom on the masses as gesture of good will. And in 2002, the Catholic university I attended was desperate for money and prestige. A small, university in South Texas, it had to compete against the likes of the Trinities and Saint Mary’s. The conference was organized by a group of non-profit organizations, local business and the panel included politicians and others in academia and the arts. The focus was on “Leadership Excellence: Integrity, Diversity, Community, Scholarship”. These are all buzz words that mean one thing…the elite coming together to push their bull shit word salad speeches and, in return, they receive money, sponsorships and notoriety.

Stedman Graham

If you are too young to remember or weren’t alive during the age of the talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, you probably have no idea who Stedman Graham is. The internetz claims that Graham is an educator and a public speaker. You can see on his website that he has written many books on subjects, such as leadership, branding, and self-awareness.

Yup, his girlfriend is this lady.

Stedman is so insignificant in the our celebrity consciousness, I couldn’t find a stock photo of him.

But I digress. He’s an allusive character. He’s pretty much known for his celebrity partner more than anything. And even that relationship is mysterious. She rarely comments on it. They have never married and she barely acknowledges him as a ‘boyfriend’. If you want to hear the bubblegum version of their ‘romance’ you can read this article I found on her magazine’s website.

The truth is, I couldn’t find much on him, on Google or, beyond what he does for a ‘living’.

The calls

That winter, when the college was prepping for the arrival of the prestigous guests, it was, of course, our job to promote and write about the event. I was not assigned to do the interview with Stedman. But I was a part of the editorial team. We were pretty excited, as this was our first big celebrity piece.

That excitement soon vanished when we began to get the calls. It started during the weekday afternoon. I arrived to the office and there was commotion. When I asked what was going on, one of the other reporters said that they had received a strange call from a woman begging us to tell the truth about one of the guest panelists.

The next day, the woman called again. I answered the office phone. You have to keep in mind, this was almost 20 years ago and the conversation only seemed significant because, at the time, it was bizarre to us. And it was forgotten until this whole Pizzagate/Hollywood pedo stuff started popping after the Wikileaks.

The woman was calm at first and then told me the most astonishing thing. She said that we couldn’t have Graham as a guest speaker at the university because he was a child rapist. She said she knew for a fact that he ‘rapes little boys.”

Again, you have to remember, I knew nothing then. The information was so beyond my innocence and comprehension, I pretty much hung up on her. When we approached our newspaper advisor, she told us to ignore the calls and we were not to further engage. So we didn’t.

In the end, that incident was tucked away and Stedman Graham was interviewed, no one asked him about the allegations. And he went on to engage in the panel.

Final thoughts

It was probably a year ago when I read about her healer and friend, John of God, was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing little girls, that the memory of Graham’s appearance at my alma mater, and the strange phone calls, just so happened to slip back into my memory.

And through the years, first as a hard-news journalist, then as an entertainment reporter, these little droplets of strange incidents, conversations that I had with people and experiences, that seemed a little off, began to put themselves together like a puzzle that has no picture box.

I have mentioned this in several posts and on social media, the people who know, but wanted to protect me, have said that the worst is even worse than the imagination can conjure. And if I knew the truth, I’d have no choice but to give up and put a bullet in my head.

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The drip: Wayfair, Ghislaine Maxwell and Steve Bing

Last night whilst I was tranquilly watching Anthony Bourdain’s Part’s Unknown, which will be discussed in another post, I saw on Instagram an alarming post about a connection between the online retailer Wayfair as a child sex trafficking front. Since the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, there has been a series of stranger than usual QAnon type posts that have left me wondering about certain connections.

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell

When I looked up a stock photo for Ghislaine Maxwell to use for this post, I get absolutely nothing. So I tried ‘Jeffrey Epstein’, what populated was a series of celeb red carpet photos, interestingly enough, faces like Jim Carrey and Gene Simmons. But that search in the stock photo service I use also brings up a serious of infections diseases – a mono, a herpes virus that destroys the liver and something called ‘Epstein-Barr virus’.

Epstein-Barr Virus

I mean….whaaat? But I digress, I’m going down too many rabbit holes.

Ghislaine Maxwell, if you have no clue already, is Epstein’s former girlfriend turned madame and keeper of the keys to the island. Maxwell allegedly recruited girls as young as 14 to become sex slaves to the wealthy and powerful.

The arrest last week has triggered the QAnon masses to post things like Anthony Fauci’s wife related to Maxwell. And, of course, she is a suicide risk. Those of us who are studying what the asleep call ‘conspiracy theories’ collectively felt a little uncomfortable knowing that something revelatory was going to follow. The question was whether it was going to be for the forces of good, or continue to cover the big secret. The truth is, if this whole global elite sex child trafficking is not true (you have to be a fool at this stage to believe that) isn’t it worth investigating?


As mentioned, Wayfair is an online retailer, that focuses on home products. And yesterday there were murmurings of something going on. The site is selling products such as cabinets and pillows for ridiculous prices. Regular everyday throw pillows for $11,000 and cabinets for up to $13,000?

Maybe the pillows are filled with gold flakes

The revelation happens when you type the SRC code in the Yandex search engine. Yandex is a search engine like Google and Bing, but powered by, you guessed it, the Russians!

What populates is a barrage of photos of underage children. Btw, if you type in these codes in Google or, you will not get these results.

Oh yeah, there’s also a Tom Hanks connection

More about Wayfair and founder Niraj Shah

  • Partly owned by Niraj Shah an American-born billionaire who was once the director of the Federal Reserve in Boston.
  • In 2018, Andrea Jung was appointed to Wayfair’s board of directors. In 2010, Jung received the Clinton Global Citizen Award for her ‘leadership in solving global issues’.
  • In 2019, Wayfair employees organized a ‘walkout’ to protest the company’s bed sales to migrant camps and detention centres.
  • Niraj’s wife, Jill Shah, sold her website, a site that claimed to provide unbias reviews of ‘alternative medicine practitioners’ on April 15, 2010, the same day as the Boston Marathon bombing.
  • In 2016, Wayfair extended it’s international shipping to Canada and Western Europe

The Hanx connection

In May 2019, actor Issac Kappy died, the authorities calling in a suicide. Who is Issac Kappy? He’s an actor who called out alleged pedophiles in Hollywood. One of those names was Tom Hanks.

And Hanx posted this weird photo of a lonely glove next to the letters ‘SRC USA’, which, mind-blowingly, if you type that in Yandex you get….surprise….photos of little girls.

Get your sick bucket because it’s going to get dark

It’s not just Wayfair either. I looked up ‘pillows’ on Amazon, filtering from most expensive and this is what I found.

Click on the fancy pillow image to see the Amazon item

I typed in the src and the name of the pillow. I will not post what I found, due to the sensitivity and age of the children. But here are some of the comments on this item in Amazon.

Notice how some of these commenters mention the ‘boxes’. This reminds me of the pizzagate code. Everything is code.

Oh and just to throw this out there, the company that’s selling the pillow is called Downright and their website is super sketchy.

Steve Bing and other weird coincidences

You might know who he is, but when I was going down a rabbit hole I found an article about him that piqued my interest. Steve Bing was an American film producer. When he was 18, he inherited $600 million from his grandfather. In 2001, the Daily Mail posted an article about him calling him a ‘playboy with a seedy side‘. He was friends with all the good ole’ boys, including, of course, Bill Clinton. Some of his friends talked about the insatiable sexual appitite he had. Oh, and he also had a kid with actress Elizabeth Hurley, who recently wore a scarlet silk dress to commemorate Bing. Side note – red silk is significant in the Illuminati world (Rothschild means ‘red sheild’ in German, start there).

Bing died last month and it was ruled a suicide. He apparently jumped out of a window. He ran in the same circles as Jeffrey Epstein, and this Mirror article claims that Bing’s girlfriend urged him to tell all about what was going on. Did Bing really kill himself?

And what about that strange incident with Glee actress Naya Rivera? Is her presumed death connected somehow? She is presumed drowned in Lake Piru, California. A few weeks ago, I was reading an article about the curse of the Glee cast. Rivera once dated known pedo, and fellow Glee actor, Mark Salling. She wrote a book called ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ that exposed a dark reality of her time on the show.

I let you sit with all these connections, or non connections. There seems to be new discoveries coming out by the minute. Follow Rule of Civilty on Twitter for Tweets and retweets.

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