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2 Narrative Essay Examples and Writing Ideas


Narrative essays are the same like the expository essay, the difference only prevails when narrative essays are actually written in a story form. In write my essay for me, the writer is telling a tale about one’s personal experience, but it does contain some valid points. The primary aim of telling a narrative is to justify the significance of that particular event. Hopefully when you will compose your narrative essay, you will influence the heart of your audience.

Since every person has some memories and each person tries their best to explain it in a way that will impress the readers. However, there is a lot of time required when you are in the prewriting stage of writing your eventual essay. In the prewriting stage, you are the one who is brainstorming the ideas as well organizing the ideas in a way that would facilitate the readers as well. 

As you are describing a tale in a narrative essay, such essays are explained from the perspective of the narrator of the story. The writer will add sensory details to engage the reader from a different aspect. The verbs must be put straightforwardly and vividly. In short, there will be a specific purpose explained at the beginning of a narrative essay, also you can put that particular perspective at the end of the introductory paragraph. 




As the narrative essay mostly relies on experiences faced individually, you will be writing that in a form of a tale. People feel more fascinated when they are being told stories. The writer needs to put all the details precisely and clearly. The details might include the storyline, character analysis, the setting of the story and characters, plot twists, and the ending of write my paper. Such details must be filled with explanation, supporting evidence, and description of the overall storyline. However, each point that the writer will be further designing must correlate with the particular main point that the narrator is actually attempting to tell



Essentials of a narrative essay

You need to keep in mind these essentials while making a systematic point. These are as follows;

  • You will write all the points in an organized and systematic way. 
  • Remember, your narrative essay will always be based on a particular argument. You can relate that particular point as your thesis statement, which must be put at the end of a thesis statement. 
  • You can use dialogs, but in a proper way.
  • You, as a writer, will be adding the details that would involve sensory details. You need to apply those details in a way that can build the interest of the audience, but it must relate with the main point as stated in the introductory section. 



Examples in narrative essay

In this article, you will be provided with the details that can assist you in your eventual essay. There will be two narrative essay examples which you can also use to put in your essay to tell the essay writer about the structure of writing a narrative essay. You will be observing the formation of paragraphs that are being used here. 



Learning Lessons

“I was sitting idle on my second day on the job, while pinching my left arm to guarantee myself it was real. I landed a good job as per the experiences and interest that I gained earlier. I have always dreamt about a luxurious lifestyle. Also, I wanted to travel the whole world, and compose the beauty of the most colorful nature. 

When my phone rang, as it was my mother telling me about my father had a cardiac arrest. It was impossible for him to make it. I felt like the sky had fallen on me. Now it’s like I have to explain the other side, I realize that my father has left me with a basket full of teachings. With every passing day, I am realizing the worth of every lesson. Let me share a few of the hacks that can lead you to success in every phase of life. 

Firstly, you have to do everything independently. You don’t need anyone to make you feel grounded. In short, you have to stand on your own feet. Even, you don’t need to ask your parents to do you favors. Neither of our parents can nail a job interview for us. So, you need to be brave just like write my paper for me who can do everything on your own. 

Secondly, you need to understand the ultimate difference between love and attraction. It is always not necessary that being attracted to someone means you are in love with them. I have realized that with the loss of my father, I have actually lost a companion who has supported me and loved me at the same time. So, one needs to choose a companion who loves you unconditionally. 

By next week, I will be leaving for Cappadocia, particu;lar to experience a hot balloon ride and capture the beauty around. As soon as I got a call from my Director, I picked up my phone to call my father. But, I realized he will never respond to my calls again. I finally fought back the tears and put a note to my desktop “Cappadocia Tour List.” To sum up, life goes on and we have to go with the flow.”



Bullying and Self-empowerment 

“My body structure has always been skinny and small, and because of that I have always been bullied, pushed around, called bad names, and I was literally done with it. I decided that day that no one was going to bully me anymore. That was a realization that I felt in the sixth standard of my school years, when for years I had been bullied and subjected to turbulences by my seniors. 

On my tenth birthday, my mother gifted me a volleyball. Volleyball was my favourite sport, however I was short. Although I loved watching the games with intense hopes that one day I would be able to achieve those medals as well. It was actually a kind of therapy for me. The day when I brought my volleyball to school. I wanted to play a match on the volleyball court. After a few shots, a boy came up and pushed me towards the floor, while snatching the ball from me with strong force. Already, there was so much frustration that was ingrained in my mind through the paper writing service of bullying and mocking. I punched the boy right in the face without having a second thought in my mind. 

Eventually the principal called my father and told in a calm voice about whatever happened in the court. My father seemed indifferent about it, and answered the principal that it was the best he could do in his defence. He was actually right, because after that incident nobody dared to bully me again, until the tenth standard. However, that is another story.”


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